Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Global Orgasm Day

Mark December 22, 2006 on your calendars everyone! It's Global Orgasm
Day.... check out the website and the science behind the Big "O"...
make the world a better place... by getting off ...
together.... .. "Peace through Ecstacy"

http://www.globalor gasm.org/
http://noosphere. princeton. edu/

Saturday, November 25, 2006

CBT - The Funny Invention

There you go ! The chastity device made to the Daily Show as one of the funny invention. Would you mind the balls stretching ?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Naughty Boy

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Perfect Mistress

Everyone's definition of perfect Mistress is different and there is nothing wrong with that but it is important to know what would make a Mistress perfect for you? My wife is the perfect dominant for me. Not only that she is dominant sensually and sexually, she has the skills and courage to control many facets of our lives. The role of being a leader comes naturally to Her.
For almost a year, my Mistress had been very stressed because of Her (previous) job, her controlling boss and the company that was not being appreciative of Her efforts. She was not happy with it and she did not like it. Being Her submissive, I could see the struggle and frustrations that were affecting Her strong will. Its not an easy time for most submissives when their Mistress is upset or down. One feels lost but this is the time She needs him the most. Thats where my duty as a submissive came in to help Her stay up and take control of things when She was not feeling upto it. Eventually, she made some changes in Her life and some big decisions to get what She wants and deserves. She went back to school, finished Her studies and recently earned the job that she wanted, in the field that She is experienced in and at the higher position. With a bit of effort and luck, it all worked out. Not only taking control brought Her happiness, it is very fulfilling for me to see Her prosper too. This may be a very vanilla example but it shows how I see my perfect Mistress. The Mistress who knows what She likes and eagerly takes the steps to obtain and enjoy those things - in the bedroom and outside. She is my perfect Mistress and I follow and submit to Her with all my heart.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Sex

I needed to be put back in my space for quite a while. Mistress and i had been unconnected for couple of days which was hard on both of us. Some vanilla situation, most particularly, my new job has been definetely affecting my moods and my submission at home. I know it is easy to say it is not but real time would do anything to take over our lifestyle if it would get a chance. Long story short, Mistress rescued our lifestyle from being eaten up once again and I played an important role of course.

I remember getting to bed on Saturday night after a serious talk between Mistress and I that how our vanilla lives are affecting our lifestyle. We both knew something needed to be changed of course. In the morning, I woke up with very submissive thoughts. Mistress usually wakes up earlier than me on weekends unless we have any plans. I was wondering if she was the computer or in the kicthen, i imagined myself before her in my submissive position, arms streched, fingers splayed in submission, heels together under my bottom and forehead on the floor. I could feel getting excited already. The series of thoughts that I can not remember right now which helped me to be eager enough to find my Mistress exactly I had imagined. I feel myself lucky that I have the oppertunity to turn my thoughts to reality with my Mistress and also that I have courage to actually do that. I approached my Mistress while she was at the computer and I kissed her many times in my submissive position. I was naked and fully exposed while she rubbed my skin, held me and ruffled my hair when i was half asleep. I told her that I love her so much and she did the same. We kissed, snuggled and in couple of minutes we had most of our day planned together. At least the most of it. First breakfast at the beach which Mistress is gona make, later she would like to see the maid to finish all the chores, position train me and take some pictures (which of course i wont be sharing on my blog .. lol) and then perhaps we will watch a movie or something. Fortunetly, the day went as we had planned.
We had a great breakfast on the beautiful sunny day, under the blue sky and at the beach. It relaxed both of us. On our way back, during the drive, i shared how I felt and how I actually imagined everything I wanted to do with her and it made me excited sexually. I shared that how I feel that she would do something to me without acutally telling her and puts me in very deep space. It also makes a perfect session. I do not keep a journal and I am not updating this journal regularly so there is definetely a communication gap between us when it comes to my submissive feelings or perhaps it went bigged if there wasn't. It helped very much.
When we got home Mistress asked me to strip and stay naked. I helped her with the laundry and we started it together.
"I would like some coffee, spirit." Oh nice that feels when she actually asks like that. Making things easier for me that what would please her. Directions are submissives best friends.
"Of course Mistress" She must have seen the glimmer in my eyes because I felt that she is upto something. I had an idea but not exactly.
"I would like my maid to serve me." She said while kinda bobbing her head because she knew I would protest as usual.
"Maid!! Mistress !! "
"Go get ready and come back to me." I sighed and went but as I had made up my mind not to make things harder for her I obeyed.
Mistress had got a maid outfit for me for sometime. I never mentioned this in my blog because it is the part of me I have be more acceptable of but I do enjoy it sometimes and Mistress totally loves it as I have wittnessed. I finished my chores in them. Cleaning the kitchen, dishes, tiding up the rooms and dusting while she stayed on the computer. It was different. I had been very drippy all that time. What I liked about that play is that there was lots to learn and there was lots of direction was involved. It was complete role reversal too and Mistress had the house all tidy up and cleaned which 'spirit' had become so reluctant to do for a while. When I was done, she denied my request to change back even though my feet were achy because of being in the heels for so long. Our play ended with an intense orgasm for her and later for me as we played later while i was dressed for her still of course.
It was different day in a very good way which both of us were looking forward to for sometime. I am happy that it was possible because of some open communication, free will to try new things on my part and great direction and looking after by Mistress, we were able to connect with each other sexually and D/slly(if its a word, lol).

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Female Led Relationship Questions

Questions to women in a female-led relationship:

1. Are you happy with the relationship or are you burdened by it? Do
you secretly wish your man would lead like the old days but still
treat you right?

2. How would you convince other women that female leadership is good
for them and their marriage?

3. How would you convince men that submitting to women is in their
best interest? That the control they will be giving up is the main
problem that's ruining their lives?

Questions to women not in a female-led relationship:

1. Do you wish you were? Are you afraid of rocking the boat if you
insist on having control?

2. Do you think it's a ridiculous idea that has no chance of
succeeding? Do you think that the people who promote female
leadership are dreaming? Is that because you think men will never
let that happen?

3. Do you feel qualified to lead? Do you believe your judgment,
intuition and feelings are better than men's, or do you doubt your

Questions to men in a female-led relationship:

1. Are you ashamed of yourself? Do you sometimes ask yourself "what
have I got myself into?", or are you secure and trusting of your
lady's ability to command the ship?

2. Did the relationship meet your expectations? Disappoint? Exceed?

3. Is your stress level lower and your love life better? Do you
consider yourself a better person than you ever were as a result of
female guidance? Did your lady instill in you values that offset
your prejudices, resentment and tendency for destruction?

Questions to men not in a female-led relationship:

1. Do you wish you were, or is that something you'll never consider?
Does the very idea of female control scare you? Why?

2. What do you think you'll lose if you yield control to a woman?
Why are you holding on to these things?

3. Will you stand in the way of the female revolution? How do you
envision life under female rule in every aspect of life?

*Cross posted from a yahoo group*

Monday, July 17, 2006

Leash Training

Mistress bought an iron leash to attach to my collar months ago but She had used it yet. I was not sure why and I did not question Her either. Whats the fun when you tell your Mistress and how She wants to use ? Many men especially those are in a relationship and would like it to be a "Female Led" one would expect their S.O to do certain things that they have fantasize about. Best way to go about that is to communicate your Domme and let Her know at the perfect or right time what you are into. Perfect time would be when She asks you about your fetishes and interests. It is the best time to open up and the right time would be when you feel that your Mistress is feeling comfortable in Her role and seem to be more interested in trying new things. In all that, it is important that one does not forget the main purpose of once submission which is, in most cases, is to please and make your Mistress happy. I have shared my interest in bondage and my fetish for chains. Mistress decided to use it and it was very pleasureful experience for both of us.
One afternoon, Mistress came behind me while I was using the computer and watched me work with Her arms around my neck. Gently rubbing my neck and back the way She does. Of course, She had got my attention especially after Her tongue licked teasingly my ear lobes and Her fingers brushed my nipple through my shirt.
"What is My spirit upto ?"
It took me sometime as currents of pleasure ran through my spine. My nipples are very sensitive to Her touch and they work like on and off buttons for me.
"Nothing much Mistress" It just seemed like shorest and right answer. Mistress was in a playful mood obviously. She placed Her lips on mine and between Her licks and kisses, a collar was placed around my neck. I am trained well to not to resist to feel Her collar around my neck but at such times, I am sure it would be easy for my Mistress to collar most men. I am lucky that She had chosen me.
She pulled on my collar once it was secure and kissed me forcefully. Later, pulling me off my chain and at Her feet. She looked amazing as I looked up as usual. She understood perhaps that I may not be thinking straight now, I heard a tap of Her feet to get my attention. I lowered and pressed series of gentle kisses on the smooth skin of Her foot and Her toes while She watched and whispered, "Good boy". It is then when I was having my moments where my Home is, at Her feet, I heard the metal over metal which She played with it or perhaps just gave me a hint of Her plans for the evening. Mistress has not taught me any position to put a leash on me so She lowered and grabbed a handful of my hair to pull me up. I was already a bit in my submissive state by having Her tower over me and kissing Her feet it was not really a pain to me. She was getting foreful and it was a good sign as I might see Her as Her, my Mistress. We were both about to experience the state of yin and yang which is very fulfilling to us.
I must say that "the click" of Her locking the chain to my corner and watching Her holding the other end is something I had been thinking of since that time. I always see Her as my guide, protector, trainer and teacher along with many other things She is to me so perhaps Her holding the chain signified it even better. I was not sure what side of Her I will be seeing today. It is always a surprise to me.
Mistress pulled on my chain and of course I followed. She took few steps and watched me. She smiled and nodded as I did on my knees. She grabbed Her crop and smirked looking down at me. At such times when She looks at me like this. I feel very lost. Perhaps shy. Its hard to explain. I just lowered and kissed Her foot once more. She did not miss the chance to make my bottom sting with few wacks to remind the presence of Her crop in Her hand. I wiggled my ass playfully the way She likes to watch between my moans. Mistress turned and started to walked. I got on my feet to follow Her but I was told to stay on the floor. "Did I tell You to walk spirit?" Of course I was not thinking and I was reminded with a blow on my bottom which made me squirm. She grabbed some things along the way as W/we made our way to the bedroom. I learned to keep up with Her from my submissive position as She walked. If i wont, i may be dragged. I obeyed and which was my lesson to learn. She did refer to me as Her pup and I started to feel like one. I am not sure if She is going that way but most couple's use leashes during puppy play/training sessions to feel connected in that way. Later, W/we were in the bedroom. She undressed before me which i was chained at the side of Her bedside waiting for Her. Then She pulled on my knees and directed me between Her legs and then it was my tongue and lickings that made Her scream with pleasure. She used the chain to direct me to help me worship parts of Her body.
Mistress made my fantasy come true and later used it for other purposes like dicipline or sometime where She expects the least of resistance like pulling me of the computer or bring me to bed late at night ~laughs~ We both enjoy this connection and use the leash in different ways to play and have fun.